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Protect your assets from the elements at an unbeatable price point. Metal carports and garages from are a fantastic choice to shield your car, truck, boat, RV, or SUV.

Carports & Garages For Sale in North Carolina

Affordable Custom built Carports

Metal carports are a long-lasting, cheaper alternative to garages or shelters made of other material like wood or vinyl. Carports are easy to assemble, transport, and maintain.

Carports are a fantastic choice to protect your car, truck, SUV, RV, boat, or any other vehicle - without breaking the bank. offers the widest variety of carport sizes, colors, and roof styles.

Quality Built Custom Metal Garages

In addition to protection from the elements, metal garages offer security for your investments. Our metal garages are made of rugged steel and built to last.

Metal garages are long-term investments made in the protection and security of your investments. The experts of are available to help plan the perfect, size, shape, and features for your new metal garage.

Carports & Garages Available near Raleigh, NC & Wilson, NC

Metal Structures from

Fast, Free Delivery

For Carports and Garages, we offer free professional delivery anywhere in North Carolina.

Unbeatable Prices

We offer competitive pricing for all our buildings. Our goal is to get you the metal building to fit your needs and within your budget.

Built To Last

Superior metal structures built with durable, cost-effective and high quality materials made in the USA.

Warranty on Every Building Sold

Your metal structure comes with a 20-year limited rust-through warranty.

Code Compliant In Every Zone team members can help you with local zoning and building codes.

Uncompromising Quality

Our rugged galvanized steel is built to withstand mother nature.

3D Carport & Garage Builder

Design a metal building online. Our 3D Metal Building Designer includes every upgrade, color, and construction option available for our metal structures. Get a quote on exactly the structure you need. Makes It Easy

1. Choose Your Metal Structure

Browse our building styles or design your perfect metal building in our 3D Metal Building Designer. Submit for a quote through the 3D Metal Building Designer, by contacting us, or giving us a call!

2. Pay How You Want

Submit an easy down payment that scales with your total building price, and only pay the remainder once your building is ready to install.

3. Prepare Your Build Site

Choose a site that is level, cleared of debris, and accessible to the installation crew. Our experts will take it from there!

You can read more about how to prepare your build site here.

4. Building Delivery & Installation

After our builders have assembled the building to your specifications, we schedule a time to deliver and install your building.


No! All buildings from will be fully assembled on site.
Yes! We can meet HOA guidelines. Our expert builders will work with you to ensure your building is HOA compliant.
Your site should be:
  • Chosen before your building arrives
  • Clear of debris, plants, or other structures
  • Level
  • Accessible to installation or construction crews

For more information, please check out our guide: How To Prepare For Your Building. If you have more questions about building delivery and installation, give us a call.

Our rugged steel buildings will last 50 to 100 years. Metal buildings from withstand weathering much better than comparable concrete or wood structures.
Yes! We offer full customization of our metal buildings. Customize:
  • Sizes, heights, and roof styles.
  • Window and door styles, number, and location.
  • Building features like porches, lean-tos, or ramps.
  • Cosmetic options like roof, siding, and trim colors.
  • Building materials like steel gauge.

To customize your carport or garage, check out our 3D Garage Builder and submit a quote through the builder.

Yes! Every building purchase includes free delivery and professional installation.
Yes. Our galvanized steel buildings are braced to withstand wind and snow load and certified built to code. Our experts work with you to ensure the building you receive meets your area's specific building codes.
Yes! We offer a 20-year limited rust-through warranty which covers repairs of your metal building.
Delivery times range from 8-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of your steel building. Our crews typically put buildings up in less than a week. Every building is constructed and installed by experts in metal building construction, so you can trust your building to be installed perfectly, first time every time.

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Our Youngsville location is a convenient 10 miles from Raleigh on Capital Boulevard. Our Wilson location is a convenient 5 miles from Downtown Wilson. You can also browse our online inventory.

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